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Property Loan Consultant

Magic Homes offers the services of a Property Loan Consultant in Allahabad. The services for Property Loan Consultancy offered by us are the best in the market and have been highly appreciated by our clients. Our Property Loan Consultant offers counsel for different types of property loans. We assist in obtaining loans like Housing / Home Loan, Commercial Property Loan and Loan against Property/Mortgage Loan.

Loan taking is basically a tedious process involving a lot of verifications. This is the result of a lot of fraud practiced these days and banks need to be on their guard 24*7. But, this process becomes a lot simpler with our involvement. Our reputation as a leading real estate consultant stands by us in good stead. We have tie-ups with major banks like ICICI, Axis, LIC HFL, HDFC etc. and have established a good working relationship with them. As we are a good credit risk, procurement of loans become easier when we work on behalf of our clients.

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